Sunday, April 22, 2012

Winner of I Love Patchwork Book

My daughter Bea picked the winning name from a bowl this morning after church, but the camera battery needed to be recharged, so we took this photo after bath.


Congratulations, Kat!  I have emailed you and the book will be on its way to Australia on Tuesday.

We did a little mom/daughter sewing tonight after the other two went to bed.


Today I went to a quilt show at the local senior center.  I think this show was a little unusual as the general public voted each category and even picked the best quilt overall.


I had kids with me, so we didn’t stay to see the awards, but my favorite was this quilt.


I don’t particularly like the Wizard of Oz, but for some reason I really liked how the two sides looks like film from a reel.  I just thought it was cool.  So I voted for this one, and I let my kids vote for their favorites, too.  We didn’t vote in every category because there were a lot, but we voted for our favorites overall and in the kids’ category.  I wish I could have seen how the public voted because obviously this isn’t the most technical or complicated quilt pattern as some of the others were, but it was stunning.


  1. Yay me! I'm so excited :)
    Thanks heaps in advance! And I had to chuckle, either you have a really big sewing machine or it just looks really big next to your daughter - so cute!

  2. Bea´s picture is so cool!

    Call me childish but this ant-in-green-gel thing sounds great to me! ;-) Too bad that the man of the house is not a big fan of creeping and crawling insects.

  3. I agree it looks like the reel of a film and so appropriate for the Wizard of Oz fabric. Very cool.


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