Friday, April 20, 2012

This week’s finishes


I have two finishes for this week.  I finally put the binding on this quilt and blogged about it here.


And then I made a special little fishy mat for my daughters’ room.  They have an ant farm (which has lasted much, much longer than the 5-6 weeks as stipulated in the directions—more like 4 months now).  The deal was they could get a betta for their room after all the ants died.  It looks like that is never going to happen, so we went ahead with our fish plans.  (ps.  If you ever get an ant farm and the ants happen to be harvester ants which can bite/sting, tell your babysitter NOT to let the kids go to their room without supervision.)


I used just various fabrics from my stash.  The solids are quilter’s linen (not really linen) by Robert Kaufman.  I got a rainbow of colors from a few weeks ago and have been trying them out.   I didn’t measure it, but the finished dimensions are about a foot square.


I fmqed all over (because I still have not bought a new walking foot) and binded and backed it with el cheapo fabric from Joanns that I bought when I was first starting out sewing.  The quilting is done in light pink thread, but it pretty much just looks white against the top fabrics.  My oldest daughter wanted to know what all those squiggles are supposed to be.  She thinks they look kind of like coral, so I told her that’s what I was aiming for…lol!

We got a new fish on Wednesday, dubbed him “Feather Fin,” and he is doing well, enjoying his much more spacious home.

I am linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts today.


  1. Love your "coral" quilting. Congrats on a new fish!

  2. Your new haircut is so so cute! I know from experience that shorter hair will save you so much time for hair drying. More time for sewing! ;-)

    Everytime I see your nice fmq I think that I should really learn how to do it, too. *sigh*

    An antfarm is sth that I only know from american children´s books and movies. It´s just not common here. What do you feed them? Other insects?

  3. Great finishes!! I hope the kids enjoy their new pet. I loved having Beta fish growing up. :)

    Scrapendipity Designs

  4. i love the soft yellow border on the first quilt


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