Sunday, April 29, 2012

Getting back to sewing

We’ve been sick around here, and we’re not quite over it yet.  I did get a few precious moments tonight to get my bee blocks for April finished so I can mail them all out tomorrow.


We were asked to make 2 modern Gothic window blocks using gray/black/yellow background fabric.  I didn’t have anything that fit the bill, so I bought 3 fat quarters on Etsy right away, but then I ended up procrastinating until the very last minute to get these done.


These two blocks are slightly more rectangular than square.  One side is a 1/4 inch shorter, but if the queen bee is using sashing, these should be usable.

And once I get the hang of it and am ready to move on to doing my last two (hopefully perfect) blocks to send on to the queen bee, I make a move like this:


I wish I could say that mistakes like this are far and few between, but it’s more like  For real.


This block is my favorite.  It uses Washi for the background, and the yellow centers are a special-to-me yellow 3o’s repro that I’ve had for years.  Since this block only needed three 2 1/2 inch squares, I thought it would be acceptable if I cut into the fat quarter.

I also spent a little time cutting out fabric for my next quilt.  Everything is ready to chain sew.  I also got my Aneela Hooey quilt basted and ready to quilt. 


Hope you all had a restful and sewful weekend!


  1. sorry to hear you guys have been unwell!
    Great blocks though.
    And nothing that I make is even close to perfection. The best type of quilt is a finished quilt if you ask me. I figure with all the practice I can only get better right (although sometimes it doesn't feel like I am)

  2. Those look great! CeLynn is so lucky to get 4 blocks from you! Are you ready to post your block request for May for Stash Bee?

  3. Oh, Jamie, these blocks must have been so. much. work!!!! Great job on finishing them on time.


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