Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Scrapbuster Modern Cross Pillow {a tutorial}


I’ve been quite focused on using scraps and making pillows the past few months (just look at how many of my blog posts have been about pillows!).  I thought I’d share how I made the most recent pillows, which fit 18” pillow forms.


  • 45- 2.5” squares (rainbow, monochromatic, whatever you like!)
  • 4- 6.5” square solid squares (I used Kona silver)
  • 1 piece of muslin bigger than 18.5” square
  • 1 piece of batting bigger than 18.5” square
  • 2 backing panels measuring 12.5” x 18.5” if you want to do an envelope closure backing
  • 18” pillow form


Decide what kind of color scheme you want to use, then lay out five 3 x 3 grids of 2.5” squares for each of the sections of the cross.


Sew the squares together in rows.  You can nest your seams (alternate the direction you press them for each row) or press open.


Sew the rows together.  Press to one side or open.


Now lay out your pillow top.  Sew the sections together the same way.



Here are my two pillow tops waiting to be quilted.

photo 2

That’s all there is to making the pillow top!  Quilt as desired.

photo 1

Flowers and teardrops for the rainbow pillow.


Ripple stipple for the purple pillow.


Create an envelope back for the pillow with the two 12.5” x 18.5” backing panels or use an alternate method for making the back.

Bind or serge to finish.

I think this block would be awesome for a bee!  I might even have to make my own rainbow quilt. 

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saffron and Cyan {2 finished quilts!}


The DCMQG has a tradition of making quilts for new babies.  That’s a lot of baby quilts each year, so volunteers coordinate specific quilts. I always love making a block or two to contribute to a quilt, but this past fall I changed it up a bit by volunteering to coordinate a quilt for a little boy, which is exciting for me since I normally sew for girls. 

The mom-to-be gave me some specific ideas for color palettes and quilt design (she really likes Denyse Schmidt’s Hop Skip Jump pattern) which was so helpful since I was a little bit nervous about the responsibility of coordinating the quilt.


I tried a new quilting design from one of Angela Walters’ books in the center orange portion of the quilt.  Then I did my old stand-by of teardrops in the blue section.


After assembling the baby’s quilt, there were quite a few very usable strips of fabric left over, and I hated to waste them, so big brother (he’s two years old) got his own quilt too!  I think I enjoyed putting this quilt together even more.  Picking out solid fabric from my stash for the block backgrounds was my favorite part, along with figuring out how to make enough strips out of the leftovers once I’d used them up and still needed a few.  A couple of strips have orange and blue in them for that reason, but I think the mismatched strips add to the playfulness of the design!


This bigger quilt I stippled…I love the quickness and texture it gives a quilt.   Normally I go with one fabric for binding, but this quilt specifically asked for a scrappy binding and I was happy to oblige.


Both quilts were well received and I’ve already seen a few photos of them in use on Instagram, the best kind of thank you

Monday, February 2, 2015

Reverse Applique Pillow {a finished project}


Last month when  I made my tutorial for Fort Worth Fabric Studio, I ended up with a lot of scraps so I turned them into this reverse applique pillow, which has already found a new home with a fellow DGMQG member.

photo (5)

It got me thinking of what else I could do with reverse applique.  When I saw this bundle I knew it was fate!  It had everything I love:  polka dots, text prints, Allison Harris’s fabric, and a gorgeous new floral print from Josephine Kimberling.


There’s a tutorial on the Fort Worth Fabric Studio blog today.


Although I’ve given away the two aqua and red pillows I made last month, this one is staying right at home on our couch!  It’s made lots of friends already…

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Liberty Dots Mini {a finished quilt}


Have you heard of the Sew the Library challenge hosted by Fabric Mutt and some other bloggers?  It’s to encourage us book-buyers-but-never-makers to finally make some of those patterns we’ve always wanted to get around to.  My friend CeLynn and I decided to join in the fun, because it’s always more fun with a friend, and picked a sweet quilt called Butterfly Effect for January.  Hers is pieced; mine is still in pieces.  But, I did finish another quilt from a book (in a record 3 days time, albeit it’s just a mini quilt and “based” on the pattern in the book), but it’s still adorable, still a quilt, and—most of all—still finished!!!


The idea for this mini came from the book Quilts, Baby!  Oh, how I love looking through this book, and now I can count TWO whole quilts I’ve made from it (the other was this elephant quilt for a friend’s baby shower). 


There are two reasons I decided to make this quilt—#1 I wanted to make something small with Liberty lawn and find out what all the fuss is about and #2 when I was thumbing through the book daydreaming about making something, I saw this quilt and realized it would make the perfect project for January’s Le Challenge theme…dots!  A win-win if there ever was one!


I can report that I’m still not sure what all the fuss is about (in fact I accidentally bought Robert Kaufman lawn too—the green print—and I can’t tell the difference between it and the Liberty).  I’ve bought quite a bit this past month to make a larger quilt and I wanted to practice on smaller pieces before embarking upon such a costly undertaking.  Should I interface the fabric?  What kind of fabric should I pair it with?  What kind of needle to use?  I asked a lot of bloggers and got a lot of advice.  Based on all the advice I received, I ended up using Kaffe Fassett shot cotton in latte as the background fabric…and I bought a Juki TL 2010.  Whenever I do end up making the larger Liberty quilt, it will be worth its weight in gold!


The background fabric is Heather Ross unicorns and the binding is an unknown Art Gallery color.  The finished size is 24” x 24”. 

I am having a baby in about 3 months and figure this will make a nice, light blanket if she needs one during April or May, and later it will make a super-sweet doll quilt or wall hanging for her room. 

Just to recap:

  1. #Sewthelibrary project completed
  2. #Lechallenge project completed
  3. Practiced sewing with Liberty fabric
  4. Made my first handmade item for baby
  5. Bought a new sewing machine

That’s one heck of a finish!

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