Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trying New Things Thursday

This week I made my first pouch and inserted my first zipper.


It was so easy, that I thought I’d better practice putting in that zipper one more time to make sure I could really do it…and I could!  Introducing Pouch #2…


I think I like this one even more.  I only had one zipper long enough to make another, and it was red, so I used a pretty red DS Quilts fabric as the lining this time. 

So, two times is a charm…I can sew a zipper!!!! Yay!

Linking this up to Trying New Things Thursday where Melissa also has a new MBS tutorial.  She is so talented!!!


  1. Now that you can rock out the zippers, you have to order a stash from Zipit on etsy. She has the best colors and prices.

  2. What cute little sheep pouches! Great job on the zippers.

  3. Awesome. You did a great job.


  4. Cute pouches, well done on those zips! :-)

  5. Cute pouches! And great job with the zippers! I still haven't tried those. :-)

  6. Yippee Skippee for Pouches and Zippers. I remember my first zipper and it did not have postable results. Yours looks fabulous. Way to go!!!

  7. So cute! I love that bright lining.

  8. Muito bonitos, amei seu blog...Parabéns! Edileny Gomes

  9. Awesome, how much do you sell these for?? Teacher gifts!


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