Sunday, March 25, 2012

Over the weekend

I worked on a couple projects and got two items ticked off my list.  First up is my Stash Bee block for Cindy who is making a Quilt of Valor to donate.  The block is paper pieced, so I picked up a pack of Carol Doak’s foundation paper right away and then procrastinated until the last moment to do it.  Boy, it was tough, but once I got the hang of it, I got a teensy bit better at it although I still made a mistake roughly 1 out of 2 times…lol!  It took a lot of fabric to make this star.


Last week I also finished up a quick table runner for my daughter’s previous preschool’s silent auction.  I’ve donated one every year for the past 3 years with different themes, so this year I decided to go with red, white, and blue.


It turned out nicely and my little tag looks good on the backing.


Finally, I have all the rows sewn together for my Aneela Hooey Medley quilt and some joined together at this point.  The quilt is looking uber cute, but then Esther decided she wants a different quilt with wild animals on it (I think the line is Moda’s In the Woods), so we have already made over half the blocks for that one now, too.   I wonder if Ronnie will get her first big girl quilt, or will Esther try to finagle a way to get two quilts???  We’ll see…


It was a great weekend for quilting here in southern Maryland…hope you did, too!

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