Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Recap


This year I got it into my head that I was going to make baskets for the kids.  So the night before Easter, around 11pm, this is what my desk looked like.


The three baskets took about 3 1/2 hours to make.  I ran out of interfacing and spent a significant chunk of time frantically searching through closets, and miraculously came up with a piece big enough to cut the rest of the squares.


The butterfly, bird, toadstool, and coordinating polka dot fabrics are all from a collection called Flo’s Garden.  I let my daughters pick which color they wanted before I made them.  The idea is that they can use them in their room when Easter is over.


I just love how they look all in a row.  The colors are so perfect for spring (and girls)!

We started a new Easter tradition this year.  A few months ago I took Bea and Esther to an estate sale—our first.  We found this bunny basket on a shelf and bought it for $2.  When we got it home we realized there were small egg ornaments wrapped in tissue paper inside.  So we thought we’d have an egg tree this year.


I asked my hubby to pick up a tree from Lowes that we could plant in the yard after Easter.  He came home with this flowering quince tree.


The girls hung them all up and we’ve had the tree decorating our front porch the past few weeks.  It’s time we find it a permanent place in the yard.


How cute is that little blackbird?  Some of the eggs had stickers that said “Made in China,” so they aren’t the priceless heirlooms I was hoping to discover!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  Tomorrow it’s back to the old routine at our house.  I’m going to miss sleeping past my husband’s alarm clock.


  1. LOL! Happy to hear you didn't rush to make the baskets early! They're very cute, and I love the colors and patterns.

  2. really cute baskets - you're such a good mum :-)

  3. cute baskets Jamie. Love your Easter tree, too.

  4. What a fun idea to make Easter baskets, just a little bit crazy to start the night before, lucky you found enough interfacing. Your Easter ornaments are really cute. It'll be such a lovely tradition that you all look forward to. .

  5. Those baskets are just darling and I love your egg tree.

  6. "So the night before . . . " lol! Go, Mom. :)
    What a great find on the egg ornaments. I used to do an Easter tree. I wonder what happened to it? Hmm. Languishing in a box somewhere like all the other decorations I don't bother with anymore I suppose. Love your quince tree!


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