Friday, November 8, 2013

Lots o’ pumpkins!

Here are a few more tablerunners I finished up before Halloween.


What fun it was to pick fabrics and make each one unique!


This low volume version was my favorite of all of them.  The binding is a beautiful 30’s inspired basketweave pattern.  The same fabric also comes in blue, yellow, and green.


I wrote up a super tutorial for making one of your own and will be posting it soon.


We collected quite a few other pumpkins this Halloween!


Bea has teeth fit for a Jack-o-Lantern!


I let her carve most of the pumpkins this year.  Seven is old enough to use a steak knife on a pumpkin, right?  At final count, we tallied up 13 pumpkins on our front porch.


She also did her zombie/vampire make-up all by herself. 


We did the annual corn maze and pumpkin patch visit.


Esther makes a darn cute pumpkin.


There aren’t even enough head holes for our entire family anymore.  Here is Bea our first pumpkin patch visit when she was just one year old.

bea the scarecrow

I’ve got all my penny patches sewn together for the quilt along and can’t wait to share them as soon as I get some photos.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Cute cute cute! Quilts and kiddos!!!!

  2. Great post! All you pumpkins all in a row.

  3. Your table runners are fabulous. Great use of fabric and color. Cutie pie kids!

  4. Such fun photos of Halloween fun!! Your table runners are all wonderful! I always like your fabric choices!

  5. My favorite pumpkin is Bea! The pumpkin patch is my favorite:)

  6. Jamie, these are just them all.

  7. You have been a busy little pumpkin maker ;) Love all the versions of the table runner. All the girls are such cutie pie pumpkins as well! Great job Bea,carving all the pumpkins and doing your own Halloween makeup!

  8. Cute pumpkins! It looks like you've all been having a lot of fun.

  9. Such adorable table runners! The basket weave binding is fantastic!

  10. These are so awesome. I can't wait for the tutorial :-) I love the pumpkin table runner you sent me!

  11. OMG they are just adorable! Your kids AND those tablerunners! I also think that 7 is old enough to use a steak knife on a pumpkin. It just has to be a bit exciting, right? ;)
    So smart to make the table runners with pumpkins and not Jack O´Lanterns so you can enjoy them for halloween _and_ thanksgiving!

  12. The pumpkins are very cute, but nowhere near as cute as the children. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all. That is such a nice tradition for them.


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