Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Quilt Along Progress


Well, the fabrics are cut for the Penny Patch Quilt Along I am doing with my sister and daughter.  We are ready to start sewing!  In order to be more prepared for helping (and hopefully not making as many mistakes as usual), I started my own Penny Patch quilt in fabrics that would look good on my living room couch.


The penny patch block is so fun to make!  You really can’t go wrong with color/fabric combinations and they go together pretty quickly.  It’s not too late to join the quilt along!  This quilt is so perfect for a beginner who wants to make a quilt that’s more interesting than just solid blocks sewn together.  And the baby quilt would be really simple and fast.  Bea and my sister are making the baby quilt size.  I’m still not sure what size I want to make, but I’m leaning toward throw size.


How sweet are these little birds?  Even a block sewn backwards looks good!  I’ve done quite a few in opposite order, but ripping and fixing the mistake is simple enough. 


The fabrics are from Feathered Friends that I purchased at Hawthorne Threads; the rest are just from my stash or scraps.

Have a wonderful day!  Linking up to WIP Wednesday.


  1. Jamie, your blocks look fantastic. I just love all these pretty fabrics you chose, they'll make one beautiful quilt.

  2. Your blocks have set a fire under me to get to sewing. Sunday my husband works at the fire department for 24 hours, I may have a 24 hour sewing marathon...

  3. I want to do a quilt a long! May be just what I need to keep on going with my sewing.
    I like the simple squares.

  4. I love the fabrics and the combination you're using! I think the backwards blocks look great in the mix. It adds an bit of interest to have a few blocks going the other way.

  5. Hey I am doing JUST solid blocks sewn together! ;) Just kidding.....How fun to be doing this quilt with your daughter and sister!!

  6. You are so good at picking just the right fabrics! Looks great so far :)

  7. I love that you are doing this with your daughter and sister! Can't wait til my girls are old enough to join in the fun!

  8. Your fabrics are so fun! I love your colors. I ended up deciding on a just shy of throw size at 10x10 blocks (60"x60") which works cause my design wall doesn't seem to want to accommodate and I didn't get as many 6.5" blocks as I ought to have from my fat quarters.


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