Monday, July 22, 2013

Between Heaven and Texas Star Value Block


Have you ever tried any of Melissa Corry’s tutorials?  Last spring I followed along with her Starburst Quilt Along.  The starburst block was probably the most difficult piecing I’d done up to that point, and her professional charts for cutting directions and the tutorials helped me get through it with only a few mishaps (totally my own mistakes and nothing to do with her).  Finishing up that quilt gave me the confidence that someday I’ll be able to make that Swoon quilt I’ve always wanted to…

This block is another of Melissa’s creations.  She chose this block for her month in the Beejeebers bee. 


It does take a wide variety of fabrics—cream, gray, and bright colors.  The bright colors can easily come from your scrap bin but I had a little difficulty coming up with a large variety of the cream tone-on-tones and grays because I tend to use solid white or gray instead in most of my quilts.  The entire block is made up of 64 3” squares.  The tutorial can be found here.


All of my points didn’t turn out exactly perfect, but it still looks pretty good.   A few times I wanted to call it “Between Heaven and Hell” but I’m glad I can notch this one up as a hst block under my belt.  I can’t wait to see the entire quilt top put together!


  1. wow, Jamie. What an awesome block. Must have been tons of work, you're definitely ready to Swoon.

  2. This is just beautiful - love all the great scraps you used!

  3. No,I have not tried any of her tutorials yet,but from the looks of this block I should check some of them out. Love how your star block turned out.

  4. I love this block!! I always really love your choice of fabrics!


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