Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2BB (Two Bee Blocks)

I sewed curves!!!  That’s the beauty of bees, trying something new.  Maybe there’s a block you’ve been wanting to make—the x & + block for example, but you just don’t have the time to make a entire quilt of the block.  I’ve made it twice this year already, without the commitment of making an entire quilt top and actually quilting it.  I love picking the fabric for a block, sewing it up, and mailing it off.  All in one day! 


Sewing these curves was easier than I expected.  In fact, I’d say it was easy as pizza pie (which is what my daughter nicknamed this block).  This block finished at 24” square.


Don’t you just love the crossword puzzle fabric?  The recipient requested fabric appropriate for a young boy.  I had so much fun picking fabrics that are outside my usual girly tastes.

And this is my blocks for Make It Modern.  I used some of my all-time most favorite fabrics including Farmdale, Washi, and Flea Market Fancy.  What a great scrap-busting take on the snowball block!


Are you in any bees?  Two bees I’m in are on hiatus after this summer, but after a little break I’ll be on the lookout for another one to join.  Any suggestions?


  1. great circles! They have me somewhat memorized lol

    Fabulous fabric selection for the snowball block!

  2. Love your pizza pie block, looks fantastic.

  3. I love these - you have given me some much needed inspiration!!

  4. Great job with the curves!

  5. Love the selection for the snowball block! And I'm trying to figure out how to best join a bee... never been a part of one, but would like to choose wisely :)

  6. I love your curves. Pizza Pie is such a fabulous description!! The scrappy snowball is gorgeous too in all those wonderful fabrics!

  7. Great job on the curves :-) Your Make It Modern block is fantastic! Wonderful fabric choices.

  8. I love me a good pizza pie,and yours is no exception ;) Also love your Make It Modern block.


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