Monday, July 1, 2013

Bold & Scrappy Patchwork Baby Quilt

This quilt made a journey to meet its new owner last week.  Hope it likes being drooled on and snuggled!


The feature fabric—Menagerie—is perfect for a baby quilt.  I’ve read bold black and white graphics stimulate infants’ brains.  I bought it here.  The design is just made up by me to use up some extra 2.5” squares.

After struggling for a long time to pick fabrics for my quilts, I limited myself to blue, green, red, yellow, black & white and then added in gray (presumably to give the eye somewhere to “rest,” but I’m not sure the gray really does that?).  Usually I just go all-out and pick anything I think looks good, but placing the limitation on color made a big difference and kept the quilt ordered yet scrappy.


This is the first time (ever!) that I’ve used a solid fabric for the binding.  I’m not afraid to use solid-colored binding anymore with my machine binding technique.  I was afraid a lot of imperfections would be more visible, but that was not the case.


The backing is a bold black and white Pezzy print that I think was called something like Peas and Carrots by American Jane for Moda.  It was the perfect coordinate for the back of this quilt.


I had so much fun making this quilt that I made two more quilt tops for 100 Quilts for Kids.  Katie at SwimBikeQuilt just announced this year’s charity drive here.  Check out the button on my sidebar and make a quilt for a kid who would love one!


  1. LOVE IT! It turned out great! Those fabrics would be perfect for an I-Spy quilt or a Polaroid quilt (I've been stuck on polaroid quilts for a while now, looking for ideas everywhere!)
    I'm sure its being loved on!!!

  2. Adorable!! I love the fabrics!! So fun!!

  3. Ooh, yummy! I love those fabrics!

  4. adorable, Jamie. What a perfect little quilt, I love all these colors together, they look fantastic. I'm sure it will get lots of love.

  5. That is just too cute! It is so bright and cherry,the colors and prints just draw the eye in. I am sure that it is happy to be drooled on and snuggled ;)

  6. It's so cute! and what an adorable model.

  7. What a perfect quilt for a baby! I´ve heard it too that babies love bold black and white graphics.

  8. I love this quilt. It's so fun and bright and wonderful!! The solid aqua is a great choice for binding!!

  9. Your quilt turned out great.

  10. Oh, I love it! Definitely a perfect baby quilt.

  11. That is a very awesome baby quilt! I will need to start making some baby quilts since our first grandbaby will be here in November. I am trying to NOT go overboard with the baby quilt planning. It is nice to know that fact about black and white graphics being good for baby brains. I'll have to remember that. :D


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