Monday, August 6, 2012

Exciting News

I am an animal lover as it seems many of us quilters are.  I have a special love for box turtles and spent many springs driving around with a box in the back of my minivan to store them in a closet in the school library (I was a teacher) so I could relocate them off the highway and into my backyard when I’d get off work.  A few seem to be thriving, but who knew how often turtles have sex?  I do…


This was the first time we witnessed it.  My kids said they must be sisters since they’re hugging so much…

And then yesterday we witnessed this…


I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on in this picture.  I’ve seen lots of box turtles in real life, but never quite like this!

Today we were playing outside and our little cousin found a bird nest on the ground with one survivor.  After consulting a wildlife rehabilitator, we decided to give it a go and see if we can keep this baby bird alive.  She gave us lots of practical advice that has been really helpful.  A newborn bird has to be fed every 20-30 minutes from dawn till dusk.   And in case you’re wondering what we’re feeding him, he really likes kitten chow soaked in water.


So hopefully we will have happy news to report in the next couple weeks.  I think it’s a robin, but I’m not positive.  My kids are loving this, especially since Bea has been interested in being a biologist.  Wish this baby bird some luck.  PS.  His name is Lucky.


  1. You have the most interesting fauna where you live, hummingbirds, wild horses on the beach and even turtles in the backyard, I´m a bit jealous! ;-) Do the turtles bite? I´ve often collected large garden snails (the one with shells) from bicycle lanes where they´d get run over but it´s so much cooler to save turtles! :-)
    Good luck with your babybird! Do you have to feed him living insects and mealworms, too?

  2. I love turtles---hubby thinks I am nuts to want one all the time---those and bunnies:) Hope Lucky pulls through for ya'll!!

  3. Ohh! I love box turtles! Growing up, my dad's best friend had many and it was so much fun to go play with them or just stare at them during hibernation. The turtles you have seen are definitely NOT hibernating, though.


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