Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday—the lazy edition


I finished sewing the borders onto my Flora 9 Patch Charm Quilt last night, so the top is finished.


I love how it turned out, but somehow I don’t have enough Flora yardage for a pieced backing, and I really don’t have enough of anything to put with it except a white with peach polka dots.  I was feeling quite lazy about hunting around my stash and needed to get a couple items at Target.  $115 later, I came home with some groceries and a few things that aren’t necessities (a couple packs of Easter pencils, a new lamp for Esther’s bedroom) and I picked this up:


The yellows are a pretty good match, and for only $14.99 I couldn’t pass it up.  The Flora fabrics don’t have a stripe or a polka dot, so I think it will coordinate nicely and not look mis-matched.  This won’t be my first time using a sheet for a backing and it certainly makes the process a lot faster. 

I will be quilting this with fmq squiggles.  My walking foot stopped working about a month ago.  It will move forward a few stitches, but then the stitches get shorter and shorter until it stops advancing and just sews on top of itself which is a huge hassle for using the seam ripper.  It kept happening when I was quilting my Tangerine Tango cathedral windows by machine.  I was worried it was my machine, but all the other feet work fine.  I’ve looked into purchasing a new one, but it’s $50.  Not a big deal when I was working, but kind of an expense I’m going to put off for a little while.  So it’s FMQ only for the next few quilts.

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  1. Jamie, that quilt top looks so nice, and fresh, and springy. I use Target sheets as well, they are such a good deal when I think of how much yardage I get for little money. Can't wait to see your FMQ, I've still not practiced it at all and so I stick with straight lines all the time.

  2. Looks great. I totally know what you mean about not working and sewing expenses.


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