Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Winter Blahs


I think yesterday was the last cold day for southern Maryland.   Every day next week will be in the 60’s and 70’s.  Hurray!  I am tired of winter.  Even this squirrel that hangs out in my plastic chair every morning enjoying the sunshine is ready for spring!  When I see him, I bang on the window, but he doesn’t even bat a squirrel eyelash!

My sewing room makeover is almost finished.  In between waiting for the last coats of paint to dry I am working on this blog post.  I haven’t painted the ceiling yet, but that will be another weekend.  I have seen a lot of beautiful sewing rooms with white desks, shelves, and cabinets and I really love that look.  BUT…

My sewing room is dark.  The tables are dark, the shelves are dark, even my kids’ craft table is dark wood.  The only thing light colored are the walls.  I painted the them a really light grayish white called “Toasted Coconut.”   Here’s a really sad confession:  Our home is about 30 years old.  The walls in this room and our bedroom have never, ever been painted.  They are the white matte color that builders spray on the drywall. 

Anyway, I live with a man who would not appreciate me painting any of the shelves or furniture white.  So we are living with dark wood.

Here is one of the newest acquisitions in my sewing room, a glass front storage hutch from Ikea.  I picked it up at Salvation Army for $20 a few months ago and it’s been sitting in the garage until last week.


I had to have it when I saw the cool skeleton key in the front lock.  It works.  But I don’t keep the key in it because one of the kids runs off with it every time I leave it in the keyhole.


I spray painted the glass to look frosted.  I don’t recommend it.  But I read some reviews for the stick on kind and one person said it looked like she’d gotten drunk and glued saran wrap to her window.  So, I think this is pretty good considering.  It hides the clutter behind the doors.  My husband added new magnetic closures and braces since the kids keep leaning on the doors when they are open. 


I have some other treasure store finds to share once my room is put back together!


  1. oooh I can't wait to see your transformation :)


  2. PS that squirrel is so cute! We don't have squirrels here in NZ or Aussie, so whenever I've seen them scuttle along overseas they are such a novelty :)

  3. Jamie, good for you, getting the sewing room all spruced up. I really love that cabinet, yeah, the skeleton keys get me every single time. Your spray painted glass looks really good, I think you did a great job. Can't wait to see more of your sewing room.

  4. What a great find. I am looking forward to seeing your room finished.

  5. Love that squirrel and the stories of your kids! Can´t wait to see the pictures!

    Nice furniture doesn´t have to be necessarily white. I tend to paint everything white but that´s mainly because it´s an easy way to make thinks fit that wouldn´t look good together in their original color, like the wardrobe that my parents already had in their first place and that is now in our hall or an old trunk from the flea market that holds our quilts next to the sofa. We´ve had our Ikea pinewood teatable since we started university back in the last century ;-) and it moved several times with us. Now it´s white and will be used for some more years.


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