Saturday, March 3, 2012

Flora Charm Packs

Our local quilt shop is relatively new—it’s only been in business about 2 years.  I shop there pretty regularly, but since it’s on the other side of town, I only go about once a month.  The stock is uber-traditional…think Thimbleberries or Minick and Simpson.  But every once in a while I get a happy surprise:


This past week there was a 25% off everything sale, and I saw some Flora charm packs and picked up two.  When I got them home and decided what to make, two charm packs wasn’t quite enough, so I cut up a few solid charms from my stash of solids from Connecting Threads.  I love them!  The orange was nearly a dead-on match.  It’s called “Carrot.”  The green, yellow, and turquoise were exact matches.  How thrilled I was!   The pattern is from a book called “Simply Charming Fun Fast Charm Pack Quilts.”  It has a handful of patterns and I’ve made several of them and it’s true—they are fun and fast!

I also picked up a pack of Carol Doak’s foundation paper.  The block for Stash Bee this month is a star for a quilt that will be donated to Quilts of Valor.  Last month’s Beejeeber’s theme was “Family Game Night.”  I called Chutes and Ladders but procrastinated until the very last minute.  Luckily there was an extra day in February and it went out in the mail on time!


The block was tedious to make and took a lot of time (some of it sewing with a kid on my lap because it really took a lot of time), but I am pretty pleased with the result.  There are 100 (some fussy cut) 1.5” blocks to make up the board, and then I raw edge appliqued the ladders and slides. 


This block was for Lindsay, who said she likes bright colors.  I aim to please!  When I was at the LQS, I picked up a few fat quarters of some modern-ish floral Maywood fabric, too, to send along with my bee blocks.  Who doesn’t like a little extra surprise?

In personal news, it was a scary week for baby Veronica.  Her bellybutton has never healed right and she is 15 months old.  It continues to get infected and the pediatrician referred us to a pediatric surgeon at Children’s Hospital who saw us the next day.  The good news is that her umbilical cord is not connected to her bladder or intestine, which happens sometimes, but the bad news is the doctor has no idea why it keeps happening.  Apparently this is a very rare occurrence that he has only seen two other times.  So, she may have to have surgery in the future, but at least not right away.  The good news is, while it is troublesome, it’s not cause for serious alarm. 

The sun has finally come out, and the kids are itching to get outside!


  1. That chutes and ladders quilt is adorable!! I hope Veronica's belly button turns out to be an easy fix.

  2. wow! both projects are great - really love the colours in your simply charming quilt. and the Chutes and ladders block is great.

  3. Love your bright happy quilts. I hope everything gets all fixed up for little Veronica.

  4. Your Chutes and Ladders is totally charming! Just so cute! It certainly brings back a lot of fun memories. I still have the game and I should get it out and play with my grandkids. Isn't it strange about Veronica's bellybutton? I'll pray for her that it heals. God knows why it's not healing, and maybe He'll fix it so that she doesn't need surgery. Is she on antibiotics?

  5. Oh, the poor baby! I hope Veronicas bellybutton will heal soon! Your blocks are so springlike and cheerful. Your local QS description sounds like mine. Think thimbleberries *lol* Only that my 'local quiltshop' is two hours away and it´s the only one ;-) so I can´t wait until the roads over the mountains are not icy anymore so I can go there and hopefully find some colors between the old fashioned fabricpatterns.


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