Sunday, October 9, 2011

In the doghouse…

oc pictures 1843

I guess my husband thought he was in trouble at home.  He brought these lovelies home on Friday, complete with a funny card.   Can you believe they actually make this card?

oc pictures 1818

Truth is, my husband wasn’t in the doghouse.  We’ve just be plagued by colds and lack of sleep, so I’ve been a bit crabby.  We got out all our Halloween decorations today which improved everyone’s moods.  Esther was thrilled to hang bats and spiders on our front porch.  We don’t happen to have a mantle above our fireplace, so our piano is where I put a lot of our holiday stuff.

oc pictures 1845

See those pumpkins in the bowl?  My mom and dad had a reunion yesterday and used a ton of mini pumpkins for decorations.  Trouble was, my mom wrote all over them with permanent marker.  So the girls and I spray painted a few with metallic paint we had in the garage and put glitter on a few of them. 

oc pictures 1846

The fabric in the tablerunner is Pumpkins Gone Wild.  It is definitely my favorite fall fabric line of all time.   I have made several tablerunners either for swaps or gifts recently.


  1. How nice! My hubby really is in the dog house, and i won't get flowers or a card. Love your tablerunner.

  2. Your crafts and the flowers are very nice! I just thought about your nice fall tumbler quilt that you had planned ahead so well and can use now (while I´ll probably finish my fall-quilt after christmas ;-) ) and I learned a new expression.

  3. I love the Pumpkins Gone Wild fabric too. And your table runner is just perfect. I love those flowers, your hubby is a sweetie to get them for you.


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