Friday, September 30, 2011

County Fair Time

The county fair was this past weekend.  Last year, I entered a few quilts/quilty things in the Home Arts department and walked away with one honorable mention.  The judges were helpful and left constructive criticism on the back of each of my tags which basically boiled down to:  LEARN TO BIND CORRECTLY!  The good news is, I have learned to bind correctly thanks to a kind neighbor.  And, this year, I reaped the benefit with two second places and two third places.  Not too shabby!

However, the big surprise was I entered a few jams and pickles in the canning division and the outcome was much better than I anticipated!

oc pictures 1260 

So apparently I make pretty delicious strawberry and blackberry jam.  Bea peeled the skins from all the tomatoes I canned, so that blue ribbon for canned tomatoes is hers, too.  She was pretty thrilled at the prospect of winning first!  The only downside is that since everything is tasted and left in the building for 4 days, you have to be willing to part with an ENTIRE JAR OF PICKLES if you want to enter them. 

Here’s a snapshot of my canning pantry in the dining room after my efforts this summer:

oc pictures 1255 And here are two gratuitous photos of my kitchen helpers:
oc pictures 1257Esther making her world famous fruit salad and Veronica helping fill the dishwasher.

oc pictures 1256


  1. Congrats on your wins! The county fair is awesome.

  2. Congratulation!! You are obviously very talented. Cute assistants - glad you included them.

  3. Congratulations on all of your ribbons!!! Sounds as if you had a very successful fair :)

  4. Jamie, congrats on winning. It seems like you had a very successful fair.
    The girls are just gorgeous!

  5. Congratulations on your winnings at the County Fair. Your little ones are just precious.

  6. Congratulations on all your prices! Your little helpers are the cutest! Makes me want some of my own ;-)

  7. Adorable pictures of your girls. Just ADORABLE!!! Congrats on your canning and quilting. My mother used to can and we had so much fun. I never wanted to until this year but I don't know where to get the produce.

  8. I forgot to say - I think it's very impressive that you won those ribbons.


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