Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Greek Cross Update

oc pictures 1823

It took me a while to get the blocks finished for Esther’s birthday quilt, but I finally have them all squared up and ready to sew into the quilt top.  Originally I planned to do 4 x 5 blocks, but I have a bit more than 20 blocks…27, so I think I’ll do 4 x 6 instead and put the remaining blocks on the back.

Here are a few close ups of my favorite blocks.  Esther picked the tiny pink hearts on white fabric (the middle block in the top row) because she wanted plenty of hearts in the quilt.

Fox in the henhouse:

oc pictures 1824

Deer and toadstools:

oc pictures 1830

Toadstools on pink:

oc pictures 1826


oc pictures 1825

Hedgehogs and hearts:

oc pictures 1827

Aren’t those hedgehogs cute?

oc pictures 1828


  1. What a great quilt for a little girl! You know that I heart those fabrics :-) and I like this Greek crosses even a little bit better than your last one. The fabrics for the crosses are so different but the grey fabric frames them so nicely. (My favourite one is probably the one with the foxes)

  2. Jamie, somehow I missed this post. I LOVE all the fabric you're using. It's going to be one awesome quilt. Can you still get this fabric online? Or did you buy it a while back?


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