Monday, October 24, 2011

Easy No Sew Eagle Costume Tutorial

I saw a cute no sew owl costume in Country Living magazine this month and asked Bea about it.  She thought it was cool, but she’d rather be a bald eagle.  So here’s how I made her costume.  It took about an hour and cost about $15:

  • brown hoodie at Target $8.99
  • mask at Michaels $1.99
  • 5 white pieces of felt $1.00
  • 10 dark brown pieces of felt $2.00
  • 3 light brown pieces of felt $.60
  • orange scrap of felt
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks


1.  Cut out a triangle for the beak and hot glue over the bridge of the nose.

oc pictures 1912

2.  Start cutting various size triangles as feathers.  The owl tutorial called for more rounded feathers which I used when I made Esther’s chicken costume.  The rounder feathers were more arduous to cut, plus they wasted a lot of felt.  These triangle feathers look good and don’t waste any fabric.  I found it was easiest to layer the pieces of felt, cut out a long strip, and then diagonally cut lines to make triangles.  You will need about 20 very small triangles about 1-2” long to fill in feathers on the mask and then cut the rest of the felt into 2.5-4” long feathers for the head.

oc pictures 1916

3.  Glue the small feathers in a symmetrical arrangement on the mask, making sure to avoid the two areas where the elastic is tied onto the mask.  And—voila!—a very convincing bird face!

oc pictures 1914

4. Take the bigger white triangles and glue them in rows starting at the base of the hood.  Keep adding rows until you cover the hood.  You can also cut a few small triangles to fill in close to the edge of the hood.

oc pictures 1915

5.  Cut out large triangles from the dark and light brown felt.  Glue remaining triangles to the front and tops of the arms to make wings.

oc pictures 1917

oc pictures 1918 

6.  Beginning at the bottom of the jacket, glue the feathers in rows.  I did the front first, just to make sure I’d have enough feathers to fill the back.  I almost didn’t feather the back of the jacket, but since I had enough felt, I went ahead and did it.  Afterwards, I was glad I did.  Fill all the space up and ending just under the tips of the white head feathers.

7.  And that’s it!  My daughter is going to wear brown fleece pants with her costume. 


  1. So cute. My daughter wants to be an eagle for Halloween this year. I am off to Michaels to see if they still have those masks.


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