Thursday, October 27, 2011

Japanese Imports Swap

I was wandering around blogland last week and came upon the Japanese Import Fabric Swap on Gen X Quilters blog and decided to sign up for the swap and become a new follower to boot!  There were 28 spots and I’m thrilled to have one.  Each person will get 2 charms from each member, for a total of 56.  Here is the fabric I will be sending in.

oc pictures 1960

It’s a Daiwabo print called Paper Dolls on red.   I used it here in a snowball block that is in my UFO pile.  I’ve used it for several small projects and think it will fit in nicely with the other fabrics I’ve seen posted on the Flickr site.  I have ordered it twice from Sew Deerly Loved on Etsy.  Kerri, the owner, has a great blog called Lovely Little Handmades and recently has put some photos of her beautiful Farmer’s Wife blocks on there.  In fact, I found them so inspiring, I ordered some fabric from her store to make copycats (this was before I adopted my Deploy That Fabric motto).   Sadly, I have ordered fabric once before for the Farmer’s Wife quilt, but I have NOT MADE ONE BLOCK YET…I have no idea where to start since I am confused by the whole template/rotary cutting instructions, but that is another blog post entirely.

Anyway, back to the Japanese Import Swap…I am thinking of making an I Spy quilt with the charms.  I found this pattern in a book I have.  It calls for 3.5” centers for the stars, so with the bigger size, I won’t need quite as many stars.  Plus I can probably put on a border or two to make up the size.

oc pictures 1962

Since I am still trying to make good on my new motto to deploy that fabric, I think I will use Kona ash for the background and a dark aqua for the star points—fabrics I already have in my stash!

And, lucky me, I just received a wonderfully full and amazingly free package in the mail…I won a contest on Contemporary Cloth's blog for this:

oc pictures 1968 The prize was 24 fat quarters of Valori Wells’s newest line called The Nest.  I love it!!!!  The colors are so pretty and my favorite pieces are the little birds.  Thank you, Contemporary Cloth!!!

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