Sunday, October 23, 2011

Deploy that fabric…

Is a new book I’ve seen making the rounds on the blog circuit. (By the way, I looked it up on Amazon and it is about upcycling/recyling military uniforms in different projects…)  I didn’t know anything about the book when I adopted its title as my new motto…and thus started shopping in my stash instead of ordering new fabric online!  I decided to deploy that fabric I have folded neatly on the shelf, stacked on a table, and then randomly piled up along the walls of my office.  No more buying!  I’m deploying that fabric and getting it out there doing the job it was intended to do…being a quilt, a skirt, a pillowcase.  I was on a roll this weekend! 

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Esther helped me pick out some Halloween fabric at Joanns a few weeks ago.  I saw on another blog some cute Halloween pillowcases and knew my girls needed them this holiday.

oc pictures 1972

Last year, I made them all trick or treat bags, even Veronica, who was just a bun in the oven at the time.

oct 5 053 

With their initials on the back (thank goodness we didn’t switch names at the last minute!).oct 5 055-1 

So this year each daughter got her own pillowcase.

oc pictures 1970

Even though Ronnie is too young for pillows yet, I think she likes hers!

oc pictures 1973 

I got a lot of other sewing done this weekend, too, and will share more pics when I get the chance.

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