Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween preview

Can you tell what Bea is going to be for Halloween?

oc pictures 1914

I just finished up hers and Esther’s costumes and can’t wait to share a photo!

We also found something interesting growing in a wheelbarrow filled with rainwater.  After a divorce, the house next door has been vacant for months.  I was looking around for the source of a major mosquito outbreak and found an abandoned wheelbarrow filled with water and tons of mosquito larvae.  As I was pouring it out, lookee what we found:

oc pictures 1928

So the wheelbarrow has been in our driveway for about 3 weeks.  Almost all the tadpoles have finally moved out.  There are only 2 left.

oc pictures 1929

You can see the water level has seriously decreased, but luckily for those last few tadpoles rain is expected tomorrow.

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  1. I think Bea might be an eagle or snowy owl? Cute either way!

    (I still remember the feeling of tiny tadpoles on my palm. I used to catch so many- and release them after- when I was little. Hope you didn´t take away all their food by pooring out the mosquito larvae *haha*)


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