Sunday, September 18, 2011

Will I ever have time to sew again?

Veronica started crawling two weeks ago…and I haven’t sat at my sewing machine in two weeks.

Tons of stuff going on here.  School, dance, gymnastics, husband on travel, husband out with buddies visiting from out of town on my birthday and me up with a baby who wouldn’t go to sleep for hours, husband working all day Saturday, roller skating on the weekends…

oc pictures 1127

Birthday party rained out, rescheduled for today…

oc pictures 1229

Esther liked the bounce house and slide…

oc pictures 1237

and so did I:)

Here are some of the zombies (it was a Ghostbusters theme):
oc pictures 1178

Looks like next weekend won’t see much sewing either.  It’s county fair time!


  1. Finding time to sew is so hard! That's why I sew at night. Any time during the day is just a bonus.

  2. Oh...Happy birthday (to you AND Esther if I got it right) !!! I like that picture of the big slide, looks like a lot of fun!
    (We don´t even have a baby and I cannot find time for sewing these days.)


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