Sunday, September 25, 2011

One quilt finished, and progress on another

I finished this quilt as a gift for my cousin’s son.  He turned three recently and I made him this quilt:

oc pictures 1063

It is the first plus quilt I ever made, and it was inspired by this quilt by SOTAK Handmade.  I didn’t want to cut up a bunch of squares to sew them together again for the long part of the plus, so I contacted Holly of Bijou Lovely when I saw her plus quilt on her blog.  She kindly explained the math to me, so I was able to cut just 3 pieces for each plus instead of 5.

The back is pieced with two pieces of soft flannel and my custom fabric label from Spoonflower.

oc pictures 1066

It worked out nicely and I am definitely doing this design again with some Amy Butler and Heather Bailey fabrics I have earmarked for this project.

I am also making steady progress on my second Greek Cross for the Across the Sea Quilt Along.  I didn’t wait for all the directions to be published before I finished my first version of the quilt, and this time it looks like I won’t follow them to the t either.  Esther wanted a lot of heart fabric in her quilt, so I am going to end up with lots of leftover cross blocks after I add in the fabrics she specifically picked last time we went to Joanns together.  There were a few she picked from the rolled up fat quarter bin.  I am going to piece the back and incorporate the extras, but I’m not going to follow the quilt along directions for the back because of that.  Oh well, I plan to make one more version with blues and greens, so maybe I will actually do it the way it was planned by the lovely ladies who set up the quilt along.  Here are some of my fabrics:

oc pictures 1254

I am using some cute deer, hedgehogs, mushrooms, polka dots, and of course those foxes!  It was supposed to be for Esther’s birthday, but with my 2 week sabbatical from sewing, it looks like she’ll be lucky to get it on her bed before the weather snaps.


  1. What a cute quilt! Perfect for a 3 year old.

  2. Jamie, the quilt looks so sweet. I love how it turned out. And you're already working on another one!! Way to go! The fabrics you chose are just adorable. Can't wait to see the whole quilt.

  3. Isn't it nice when some one helps you out with the math so that you can make the quilt an easier way. That's so cool. Too cute for a little boy.

    And at first I didn't really get the Greek Cross quilt - and then all of sudden it clicked and I can see that is going to be wonderful!! I can hardly wait to see the pieced.

  4. I forgot to write how much I like the back, too. I think it works perfectly with this sweet quilt. Great job.


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