Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Greek Cross Quilt Along

I’ve seen some interesting quilt alongs in blogland, and although I’ve thought about joining, the time commitment to make something I just might not love has kept me from doing it.  But this one  looks relatively easy and since I chose to do a baby size quilt, the amount of time I will need to devote to it will be minimal.  Let’s just say it’s my trial run quilt along:)  And, I am 100% invested now that I’ve cut my fabric:
oc pictures 924 

Now I need to decide what kind of background fabric.  I am auditioning gray, white, and aqua.  What do you think?  Here’s a close up of the two closest aqua tones.

oc pictures 925

Most of the photos on people’s blogs always look so professional and staged.  I often wonder what’s going on in the background…here’s what was happening at my house:

oc pictures 923

oc pictures 936

Don’t worry—I think Mickey would move if he was really bothered by all the manhandling. Notice the lovely coloring on my cutting mat.  Not only is there crayon on it, but someone also colored on it with permanent marker.  I guess I never have to worry about someone walking off with it when I’m teaching a class.


  1. The aqua looks fun! Did you feel the earthquake today? I was trying to sew when it hit. Yikes!

  2. What a CUTIE! My cutting mat has been "individualised" by my children too :)

  3. Oh whoops totally forgot to answer your question after all that... I think all 3 go well, but well- you know blue is my fav colour so its hard for me not to choose that :)

  4. mr clean magic eraser - best. invention. ever.

  5. Hi. I came to see your Greek Cross blocks and found those plus a sweet baby. I thought it was cute to see both the baby and the cat smiling (though I'm not positive it's a smile on the cat's face). Did you finish this quilt and have you posted it finished? I really like that you didn't do the diagonal corners - though maybe you did in the finished quilt. I've subscribed to comments so if you posted the finished quilt and respond to this comment, I'll see it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for the sweet comment! It's hard to believe, but that baby is going to be two years old in December. Here is the link to the finished quilt you saw:
      And then I enjoyed making it so much, I made a bigger one for my middle daughter, Esther. Here is the link to that one:
      I started it right after I finished the baby-size quilt but then got sidetracked and just finished it up last month.
      Have a great night!


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