Sunday, August 21, 2011

A “Cheeky” Request

I follow the blog Mummas Time To Create.  Its blogstress, Kat, made a “cheeky” request last week for happy, summery, log cabin blocks.  Specifically, she asked for Russian nesting dolls, birds, butterflies, teapots and no Civil War, overly pastel, or too much brown and dark color log cabin blocks measuring 15 inches or over.  Here’s what I came up with :oc pictures 920
And a close up of the bird block:
oc pictures 919 The other block didn’t turn out so nicely since I didn’t start with a square in the middle.  Lesson learned.  It was fun to pick out scraps and see reminders of projects from the past.
So, these are off to Australia on Tuesday, along with this stash of fabrics:
oc pictures 922
And these goodies I made for her two daughters:
oc pictures 921
Hope the package gets there soon!  I wonder how long it will take to make it to Australia?


  1. Very happy and summery. She should be pleased!

  2. Jamie, your blocks look gorgeous!

  3. These are just fabulous Jamie! Thanks so so much!!
    I love everything :)
    You are too awesome for words miss!!

    (PS my word verification is "pregi" - which one of us do you think it is trying to tell something to? Please God not me! LOL....)
    (It has just occured to me you may not use that slang - but I'm sure you can figure it out ;) )


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