Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Electric Quilt July Block

My lovely husband gave me EQ7 for Mother's Day.  Learning to use it has been challenging.  When I read reviews of it, a few people mentioned it was difficult to learn to use, but they hadn't bothered to do the online lessons or read the manual.  Hmmmmm...that sounds oddly familiar now.  I have read the manual cursorily (is that a word?), but I haven't devoted enough time to be able to say I've designed anything on it yet.  The Electric Quilt company has a contest each month making a block from the EQ7 library.  I intended to make June's block, but didn't get around to it. I did get around, however, to the LQS and purchase a few fat quarters from the Bliss and Fandango lines that coordinate nicely.  I decided to use the Bliss polka dots for this month's challenge:

Those four triangles are actually the pink dots.  But when I saw it on my camera screen, the pinks really blended and made the star unnoticeable.  I decided to cut blue triangles so the star in the middle is more prominent (it is July, after all).  So here are the pieces:

I think I"m pretty happy with the colors. The star really pops out now.   Hopefully I'll get a chance to sew it all together tonight after the kids go to bed.

I also went ahead and made that Tulip Ladyfingers block into a pillow.  I quilted the block (and didn't even think to add borders before I had cut and basted the batting and backing...then I realized this was going to be a pretty small pillow). 

I used Riley Blake Quite Contrary red dots on the back (it's actually kind of pinkish).  The pillow is really cute and would look nice on a little girl's bed.  No one here has taken a liking to it, though.  It measures a small 12x12 and I made a pillow insert.  It's got an envelope style back for washing.  Hopefully it will find a home soon:)


  1. I just got EQ7, and I mean just...haven't even taken it out of the box yet! I'm going to have to schedule a block of time to go through the manual...slowly!


  2. Love your star block with the blue. And what a super pillow.

  3. I am curious for your EQ7 rewiew. I tried to design some tesselating quilt blocks lately and found it challenging. ;-) Maybe the EQ7 would make it easier?

    Your blue and red star block is lovely!


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