Monday, July 11, 2011

Sashing Dilemma

I am in the process of making a quilt for my sister-in-law who has graciously kept my daughters fashionable in knitted hats, blankets, and legwarmers for ballet over the past five years.  Every time we go somewhere sporting one of her creations we get so many compliments, and when I saw some fat quarters celebrating her pasttime, I thought it was a sign that I needed to repay her generosity.  This is the first time I've ever used a true "novelty" fabric to make something.  I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do, but I like Crazy Mom Quilts Flea Market Fancy  quilt for inspiration.  (Funny story...she made this quilt back in '08, about two years before I started reading blogs or really knowing much about quilting.  I swear I thought the reason she called the quilt "Flea Market Fancy" was because she had bought all the fabric at flea markets--which was quite impressive to me.  This was long before I realized there was something called a local quilt shop and that not all fabric came from Joanns!).   
Veronica helped lay everything out.  I have changed the layout about 20 times since I took this picture!
 Anyway, all the blocks featuring knitting had to be fussy cut out, so I spent my mornings before the kids got up this past week cutting out all the pieces.  Then #1 #3 baby took a four hour nap today and I was able to piece everything together.
Mickey also offered his assistance.  He has an eye for style! 

Here's a close-up of the novelty fabric.  Very cute!  Although, my husband thinks it's canibalistic in a sense.

Dilemma:  I used a cream Aunt Grace with red dots as some of the frames around the blocks.  Can I use white sashing and still have the block "pop" out to be noticeable?  There is also a block with gray and white stripe around it.  In Amanda Jean's quilt, all the frames really contrast with the white.  I am thinking I need to get out my seam ripper and replace those frames.  Any ideas to fix this problem without redoing those blocks?  I am open to any design really.  I was thinking of instead of adding sashing all the way around each block to instead join the five blocks, then put white sashing above and below only, and then add a white border around the entire thing.  Or, if I used white sashing, quilting the heck out of it and then just lightly quilting each of the blocks with just outlining. 
This is the light gray Lecien stripe.  I'm not sure if it will show up enough if I use white sashing.

Any advice???

***I think I am going to frame each lighter block in solid black, and each darker frame in white, alternating black, white, black, white in each row.  On my final layout, it looks like they alternate anyway.  What do you think?***


  1. I think you could sew them together as they are without a sashing and then just add a border or a couple of borders depending on how big you want the final quilt to be. I think it looks great! Love the feature fabric!

  2. Ooooh your baby is cute!

    I understand your dilemma about the contrast but still believe there would be contrast and that a white sashing would look fresh. Do you have a big bed linen or table cloth in white? Then you could lay out all your blocks on that table cloth with a little distance of 2 or 3 inch in between the blocks to "test" the effect of a white sashing.

    Otherwise I would lay them out in alternate colors and just sew them together. I´m with Cherry quilter, just add a border.

  3. Thanks, I am going to try the white sheet underneath and see how it looks. I think the white would look fresh, too, which is why I wanted to use it, but then thought it might drown out the polka dot. All the fabrics I have used so far are from my stash, so I was hoping not to have to buy a different fabric for the borders. Thanks for the advice!!!!!!!

  4. I love this project! And "oh my gosh!" You have a siamese just like ours! Koko also likes to supervise my quilt projects. There's one in particular that he's always been super drawn to, and it's frustrating to him that I keep driving him away while I'm working on the final embellishments now. (It has a lot of white, and since it's all bound and washed, I don't want him getting any hairs on it.)


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