Sunday, June 26, 2011

Before & After

I picked up some lillies at the last auction for $2 a pot:

But they didn't quite get planted in time before they were destroyed by Esther!  In her defense, the Jeep was in reverse and she didn't realize it until too late.

I did find time this weekend between the new Cars movie debut and Bea's dance recital to finish sewing the binding on my fall tumbler quilt.  It turned out nicer than I had hoped, and I really love it.  I can't wait to snuggle under it this fall!

I also crossed another goal off my 2011 quilty resolution list...a pieced back.  It was easier than I expected to put together and I'm quite pleased with the results, although I forgot about a piece of fabric I wanted to use and instead used the yellow print.  The yellow isn't my favorite fabric, but it looks okay.  I think the fabric I had picked out would have been better, but what's done is done!

And here is a close-up of the fabric labels I had printed at Spoonflower.  I framed it with the same fabric I used for binding.

And I also finally finished Bea's Bambi quilt.  It was waiting patiently for me to clip all the thread tails off the back from the free motion quilting leaves I quilted all over (I really quilted the heck out of this one!) and finish the binding.  It is ready to be used!!!  I think Bea is happy with it.  I bought all the fabrics at Over the Rainbow online.


  1. Love your quilts! Especially your fall tumbler quilt looks so bright. I remembered it with darker colors, but like all this green. Yeah for pieced backs! Bea is very proud of her big girl quilt, so cute ;-) About the lillis and poor Esther -I always tell my clients at car accidents: as long as there is no personal injury... ;-)

  2. Hurray for getting things done! Love the pieced back and the smile on Bea's face!


  3. The tumblers quilt is gorgeous! I am following you from Block Swap Adventures :)

  4. i love your tumbler quilt!

  5. Your quilts are so beautiful! I love the colors in the bottom one. You have talent:)


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