Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feeling better...

That stomach bug I mentioned before?  Landed me in the hospital getting IV fluids.  Breastfeeding and dehydration don't mix.  After some liquid infusion and some prescription medicine, I am well on my way to recovery!  Today is the first time I got a chance to work on anything since the weekend.  I whipped up another pillow front and basted both of them in preparation for quilting.  The Kona aqua looks great with the chocolate chicken fabric, but my husband prefers the more sedate ash gray pillow front.  I hope to get these quilted and on the couch tonight!

I also worked on some itty bitty hair clippies for the upcoming holidays St. Patrick's Day and Easter.  I found this glitter ribbon at Michaels a couple weeks ago and they turned out really pretty.  My oldest wore the blue one to ballet last night and got lots of compliments. 

 And, amazingly, I pieced and basted a baby quilt top yesterday, too.  One of my husband's oldest friends [finally] had a baby.  I'll post a photo of the quilt when I get the chance.

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