Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A good start to 2014

I finished up this bee block a few weeks ago and haven’t posted it on my blog yet.


True story—I’d already photographed and mailed the block but still hadn’t closed out the window for the tutorial on my computer.  Thought I’d read the comments and scanning through them saw several people suggest “mixing” the top and bottom color to make a new color in the middle.  I sighed and thought, “shoulda, coulda, woulda.”  And now that I look at my block in this photo, red + blue does = purple!  Yay, I did it that way without even knowing it!  Little victories like this make life so sweet!

Making this block was so much fun it inspired me to do an entire quilt (baby sized, mind you!) with rainbow hued slabs.  I have a two more blocks to make—one is almost done and another still not cut or sewn at all.


I just happened to have purchased the cute foxes in hats & glasses & sweater-vests on a whim around Christmastime.  Two fat quarters was exactly how much fabric I needed to get 9 fussy cut 4.5” foxes with only one repeat.  There was nothing left really when I was done cutting, which was kind of sad.  But fabric is for using, right?

Also, I won this bundle of blue fat quarters from Rachel of Stitched in Color.  She had a giveaway recently and these were the prize.


I used them in the rainbow quilt, so thank you very much!

In other news, this is what my bedroom looks like.


All the drywall seams have been repaired and the walls are sanded and ready for painting.  My husband picked up the new furniture on Monday and hopefully I’ll be sharing some pics of a beautiful and much-improved bedroom soon!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Loving the fox in hats and rainbow blocks!

  2. What???? Fabric is for using? Not hoarding? Are you sure? ;)

    Love the little foxes/pixelated blocks, your house is going to be gorgeous!!!! Hope you don´t have to sleep under those covers on your last pic inwhile, though! ;)

  3. The foxes are adorable! Nice job on those blocks.

  4. Those blocks are great in the different colorwaves and the fox fabric is darling. I always hate it when I finish a fabric that I love.

    I can't wait to see the finished bedroom.

  5. What did the FOX say?????? LOL

    Your bedroom looks huge too btw:)

  6. I love the fox in rainbows - gorgeous!

  7. Oh, I have some of those Dapper Foxes that I am coveting! Thanks for the inspiration to use them :) Best, Kate

  8. I love your blocks, and what a gorgeous room you will have! That looks like so much work.
    You are so productive--I've had fun looking through what you've done over the last few months. Beautiful work!

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