Friday, January 3, 2014

A good day

Last night Bea’s lunch did not get packed in anticipation of a snow day.  The weather was iffy, but around midnight there was already 2 inches on the ground, so I didn’t set the alarm either.  When I woke up, the voicemail and text confirmed it…snow day!

We had a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, then romped around in the snow for as long as we could stand it, came inside and built a fire, then I popped in a movie for the girls and headed upstairs to my sewing room.  My lovely feline assistants soon joined me, probably not so much for my company as the intense heat that emanates from a workhorse of a space heater I like to turn on when I’m sewing.


Double Stuf is in the top bunk and Oreo is in the bottom bunk.  They are not buddies yet, so they need separate sleeping quarters.

I finally finished putting together this baby quilt.


It’s ready for the backing.  There is one leftover cross block I want to include on the back.  Then this thing needs to be quilted because the little girl who it’s going to was born a few days ago.

And the day just keeps on getting better.  Bea and I are sewing a new quilt’s strips together now and watching conspiracy theory shows on the History Channel.  Thank goodness my husband was able to go to work or he would be driven out to the garage by these shows.  So far we’ve learned about the Knights Templar (twice), the Holy Grail, American Stonehenge, and now a mystery rock wall in Texas. 

Hope you are enjoying your Friday, too!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Perfect day! Wish we had some snow though! Just the cold here!

    I am going to make a similar pattern (lattice) for Jade soon.

    The show you watched sounds pretty good and I am surprised your daughter watches it. That is neat:)

  2. Now that is what I call a perfect day! Love the sweet baby quilt,and it is always nice to have assistants :)

  3. That does sound wonderful! My favorite kind of days! My kids went out, too, but with their dad... I don't have winter gear that fits me in my current state, so I got to stay cozy and warm inside, thank you!

  4. Sounds like the perfect day...enjoy and stay warm.

  5. sounds like a perfectly perfect day.

  6. Chocolate chip pancakes sound so yummy!! And your quilt looks wonderful with the light shining through it.


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