Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tiny Trees Bunting


On my way to the airport this past Saturday, returning from our vacation last week, I caught up on reading some of my favorite blogs.  I saw Svetlana’s tiny tree bunting tutorial and knew immediately that I had to make one with the kids. 

Instead of twine I used pom-pom trim for the actual garland because I was hoping it would cover up the command hooks I used to hang the stockings this year.


One of the things I like best about the garland is that I let the kids choose fabrics from my Christmas stash.  I love how the bright colors make the more traditional stockings look so festive.

Esther stuffed every single tree all by herself, and Ronnie helped by getting Fiberfill on every square inch of floor in my sewing room.


A friend gave me this mug and it just happened to be out while I was taking some photos.  It’s my most favorite mug ever and makes me giggle every time I read it!


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  1. your bunting turned out so cute Jamie. The girls and you did a fantastic job. Love the mug, too.

  2. Is there Land o Lakes hot chocolate in there missy;)

    I love all the colors in the garland and your helpers did great at stuffing them!!

  3. cute bunting, and love the mug :-)

  4. I love the pom pom trim, great idea! Funny mug :)

  5. Really cute bunting! That mug is sooooo funny :-) Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. I love the cup! Great job on the bunting! Have a lovely Christmas!

  7. Nice of the little elf's to give you a helping hand with the stuffing! That is an adorable little tree bunting and it really looks great with the stockings hung with care ;)


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