Saturday, August 17, 2013

Thanks, Nemo!


I was able to do a little daytime sewing today thanks to Nemo.  Got these bee blocks ready to mail out for Stash Bee.


I’m going to be honest, at first I didn’t “feel” the color scheme for this block with the black centers, but after seeing my blocks grouped together, I am loving it! 

I couldn’t resist including the sweet vintage iron print from Laundry Day.  A good rule to follow if you’re in a bee is to use the best fabrics you can, which I do.  Everyone’s tastes aren’t the same, but a good rule of thumb is don’t use your ugliest fabrics just to get rid of them.  Not nice!   The pink floral is original Flea Market Fancy.  I think the color is slightly different than the reprints or maybe not included, but I’m not sure.  Either way, it’s Denyse which is always good!


In this block I was really just going to vibrant, bright pinks.  I did fussy cut the Dena Designs Kumari Garden in the bottom left corner so the medallion would be in the center.  My oldest daughter actually said to me, “Mom, I really like this block the best.  I like how the white colors make it pop and how you put that circle in the middle.”  I am not making that up!  She is going to be an amazing quilter one day!


This is my favorite block.  I love the chickens, and the aqua floral is Alexander Henry Farmdale, my all time favorite fabric line, EVER!  A little thing about color I have learned…now the old Jamie would have picked any old aqua color to go on the outside of the black cross.  But after so much trial and error, the more experienced Jamie knew this time to pick something that would contrast with the aqua floral print.  This nearly blue teal print fit the bill and contrasts enough so that all the parts of the x and + stand out.  Just my two cents!


And of course bee blocks wouldn’t be complete without a “bee block.” The bees are Laurie Wisbrun and came in blue and gray too.  And more original Denyse Schmidt—the orange basketweave from her popular Katie Jump Rope line.  That yellow/lime Chicopee print is really versatile, too.  I’ve used it for lots of different bee blocks and love how it looks in everything.


It seems like a lot of quilters have feline assistants judging from all the cat-on-a-quilt photos I see on blogs.  It is no different at my house!


Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your daughter has great taste!

  2. they third block is my favorite too! Of course she is on her way to being a great quilter,look at who her teacher is :). Love your fury helper!

  3. beautiful blocks, Jamie. Love Bea's description of her favorite block, she totally rocked it. Love all your little tips and suggestions, too. Especially the one with using the best, not the worst fabric in your bee blocks :)

  4. These are beautiful blocks!! They look fabulous together. I would love to have a feline assistant!

  5. You've certainly stuck to your rule of using your best fabrics, I love all your choices in these wonderful blocks. Such a great photo of them hanging in a row.

  6. Jamie,
    I love these blocks and i really appreciate your explanation of each one. It helps us newbies learn! I just completed my very first Bee block today. Pretty nervous about it but I did use my best fabric! love your kitty too
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  7. Again, I really love these blocks. Super cute and you really took time to make them special. The fabric choices are perfect. And I hope your little one turns into a quilter - how fun to have someone to share your love of quilting with!!!

  8. Just catching up on your blog to see what had happened in the last couple of weeks and I like what I see! ;-) I have never thought to use black in quilts, the result is stunning and I´d love to see this finished quilttop.


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