Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sweet Squares Baby Quilt


My husband’s coworker has a little girl last month. You know I have a thing for Aneela Hoey’s sweet fabric lines, so this quilt includes Little Apples, Sherbet Pips, and Walk in the Woods.


Oh how I love the foxes, mushrooms, and little doggies!  The girl on a swing is my favorite image from all her lines.  It reminds me of my daughters so much!


One of my favorite things about this quilt is I used all stash fabric for the entire thing.  I had these little dogs from Pampered Pooch by Moda just sitting on my shelf for years.  I’m glad they’ve finally found a purpose!  The pink fabric with stars was a clearance fabric from Connecting Threads.  The finished quilt is 36 x 42 inches.


Of course the whole thing is machine bound.  You can see how straight my stitching is getting on the back.  Practice really does make {almost} perfect!  Something I learned this time around about straight line quilting is to increase my stitch length to 4.0.  I read that somewhere online and would have never tried it.  Usually I do 3.2, which I thought was pretty long, but the advice was spot on.  The stitches look so much better longer.

Have a fantastic day!


  1. That is so cute! And I was going to mention how impressive the machine stitching on the binding was before I even read what you wrote!

  2. I love this! It's so girly and cute, they will absolutely love this!

  3. What a great quilt! I love the pattern.

  4. I love how the squares stand out from all that pretty uuuber sweet pink and the one minky square in the far left corner sings! My fave print is the girl on the swing too!

    I usually set my stitch length around 3 or a little higher. Any higher and they are almost too big on my Janome.

  5. So pretty in pink! It is such a good feeling to use fabric from the stash,instead of buying new,although that is fun!
    For my latest quilt I used a 3 stitch length for the first time,and agree it looks so much better :0)

  6. i've only ever had 2 friends that had baby girls since i've been quilting. i've made 8 boy quilts in comparison. getting a chance to use Aneela Hoey's fabrics looks like fun!

  7. Such a sweet little quilt, Jamie.

  8. That is a super cute quilt Jamie!

  9. Love this quilt! And I never thought to lengthen stitch for straight line quilting! Oh, and also - which stitch have you used on the binding? It looks gorgeous! I've got a lot of catch up reading of your blog to do! lol


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