Thursday, February 21, 2013

I’ve created a monster!

For Christmas, Bea got a Janome DC1050 and the book Pretty in Patchwork Doll Quilts from Santa. 


She and I marked the quilting lines with a washable pen. I was a little worried that since it sat around 2 weeks before she actually quilted it that the blue marks wouldn’t wash out. But they did!


Santa also brought two doll clothes books that came with instructional DVDs.  We sewed this dress on Christmas day.


I love the little appliqued daisies with button centers.



According to Bea’s first grade teacher, she writes about sewing in her morning journal nearly every single day.  And these came home in her folder in January.  Of course I saved them!



I’m not sure what one person would do with 100 sewing machines, but it sounds good to me!  I love the little drawing of a sewing machine she put at the bottom.

My husband jokes that one day “the student shall become the master.”

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  1. oh, that's beyond sweet. Love how much she's into sewing, totally adorable. BTW, my son wished for a 100 cats. I think I'd rather have a 100 sewing machines, though. Bea is definitely right.

  2. Yes, yes, yes...... this post warms my heart - someone who wants a sewing machine more than an ipad!!! xx

  3. Gorgeous mini quilt - I do love wonky stars :)

  4. That post made me smile :)
    What a great idea to get her her very own sewing machine.
    Thanks for showing us Bea's projects. You must be a very proud mama!

  5. This is SO cute. And it totally makes me want a daughter! :)

  6. Enjoyed reading your blog today. How cute it is that your daughter has a passion for quilting at a very young age. Too funny that is her topic of conversation and writing at school. I see a professional quiltmaker in the near future. Her little quilt is amazing! She should be proud!

  7. i love that she wants to "soe" my heart is melting

  8. Oh, everything in this post is fantastic - the quilt, the dress, the projects! I'm so glad she is enjoying it so much!

  9. That is sooo neat to hear that Bea is hooked on sewing and at such a young age. Good work mom!

  10. Just the other day I was thinking about how you had not posted about Bea,and her sewing lately!

    What a sweet little quilt,and dress for dolly! Well done Bea! I see a whole new wardrobe for dolly in the very near future :0)

  11. That's how i got my start, didn't you? She is adorable.

  12. This post is absolutely precious! I have a 17 month old granddaughter and another on the way. How cool would it be it they got into quilting like this!!!!


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