Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Three projects are at various stages of completion.

Garden Walk (actually called Pave the Way but I couldn’t remember the name of the pattern when I put it on my UFO list) is quilted and ready for binding.


My Madrona Road challenge project is almost done! 


And I started a Valentine’s pillow I put on my “Just Three” list for January.  It won’t be done by the 31st, but at least I have all the squares cut out. 


I love checking out what everyone is working on.  Linking up to WIP Wednesday.


  1. It all looks great! I love that ostrich fabric.

  2. Oooh, I love your Madrona! It looks yum!

  3. All cute projects! I'm quilting on my MR today as well!

  4. Your Madrona Road quilt is looking great! Love that block, though I don't know the name of it. You made a good choice. Hope you see the finish of it soon.

  5. Love your Madrona Road quilt. It is stunning!

  6. I love the Madrona Road quilt. That's one fabric line I am so disappointed I didn't pick up.

  7. Love your madrona challenge quilt! Seems like a challenging pattern?


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