Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Small Finish and a WIP


This is technically not “my” finish.  Bea sewed this bag on Friday night for her sister.  Ever since we rehabilitated a baby robin this past summer, Esther has loved birds and really wants a cockatiel.  So when I saw this Japanese linen fabric with cockatiels, I had to have it to make something for her, but Bea beat me to it!


Bea traced a heart onto Heat n Bond lite and fused it to the outside of the bag, which is a print from Joel Dewberry’s new Notting Hill line.  She picked a blue flower print for the lining and handles.  The pattern is from Diary of a Quilter and uses two fat quarters to make the entire bag.


She sewed all the parts of the bag except the decorative stitch used as topstitching around the opening of the bag.  It is currently employed to tote around My Little Ponies.

I also have a pic of a WIP to share.  These are the first few stars for my Modern Quilt Guild Madrona Road Challenge entry.  I’ve never sewn y-seams before! 


Linking up to Plum and June’s Monday Link Up.  She’s shared a super cute fabric bucket and now I’ve just got to make one for my girls’ hair ties.


  1. Jamie Lee, I hope everything went fine yesterday-I´ve been thinking about you -and birthdaygirl Veronica of course! I found something funny at the flea market and have to find a way to get it to you in one piece. Can´t promise it will be before Christmas, you know, that crazy list of mine:)

    Bea is amazing, that girl is so talented at such a young age! ♥

    Have you ever told us how the story of your rescued bird ended? Did it survive?

    Congrats on the y-seams and great stars! I´ve always managed to avoid that seams.

  2. Your blue and yellow star blocks are beautiful!

  3. Great job Bea! The bag is lovely. I love the Notting Hill collection :-) And your blocks are fabulous Jamie Lee.

  4. You have a future sewer!! She did a tremendously great job on that bag:)

    I think your y seams agree with you;)

  5. That bag is adorable! How cute! How old is Bea?

    Y-seams are no fun, but it looks like yours behaved quite nicely! And I love the yellow flower fabric from that line. Nice blocks!

  6. She did such a great job! And your blocks look fantastic!

  7. I think this is a gorgeous bag - whether you made it or not. :) blessings, marlene


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