Thursday, November 15, 2012

Seeing Straight


Have you ever heard someone say, “If you can sew a straight seam, you can make a quilt”?  I can make a quilt, but I can’t seem to sew straight lines very well!


I attempted to quilt this with parallel vertical lines.  I followed the edge of my walking foot to try to make all the lines evenly spaced, but they are neither perfectly straight or evenly spaced!


My favorite block is this butter yellow version with the bird in the middle.  Every single piece of every single block was made from scraps only, which I’m kind of proud of.  I almost cracked on the last green block and used some fabric from my stash, but then I pulled myself together and looked through my scraps one more time to find two strips long enough for the last two sides.  Victory!


The binding is this great Loulouthi stripe I had in my stash.  And the backing is a SSI yellow swirly fabric I bought in my early sewing days.  It’s not something I’d probably buy today, but I’m glad to finally have a use for it! 


The finished quilt is made of 42 9 1/2 inch blocks and measures 54” x 63”.  It will be gifted at Christmas to relatives visiting my great aunt.  She asked me to make a quilt for them.  Hope they like it!

Linking up to Ellison Lane Quilt’s Scrappy Stash QAL.  Thanks, Jennifer, for putting together such a fun project!


  1. it's beautiful, Jamie! And wow for you, using only your scraps, totally awesome!!!

  2. Gorgeous rainbow of quilty goodness. Or as my 8 year old says as she's looking over my shoulder "they did good" :).

  3. Oh yes, this qilt looks great!

    I´m working on my scrappy quilt too and it´s hard to resist the stash sometimes but I try, too ;-)

  4. Jamie,if they don't like it,it can come live at my house :) Great job on only using scraps,even when the devil was sitting on your shoulder! I love how the yellow just goes perfectly,like you planed it that way :)

  5. A true scrap quilt, wow! It is so much fun to look at! Maybe you will bring it for show and tell before you give it away?

  6. Oh it's very nice Jamie!! All the colors are so pretty together.

  7. It looks great Jamie! And I like the binding you chose to finish it!

  8. It turned out great! I love that Loulouthi binding. And by the way, I can't sew straight either. My "straight" line quilting is quite wonky. ;p

  9. This looks wonderful!!! Straight lines are pretty overrated, anyhow :)

  10. What an amazing scrap quilt, just stunning, and i wouldn't worry about not quilting straight, i can't uning the side of my foot, i'm told i need to tape the straight lines, but where would the fun be in that?? Ange : )


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