Monday, November 26, 2012

Quilts at the Table

A few days ago my daughter and I whipped up a set of pretty placemats to go with some dishes we got for one of our relatives for Christmas.


Most of the charms are from Connecting Threads and a few are from my stash.  They were so easy to put together, just 3 x 4 charms.


The plates are not actually Christmas designs.  They are more Mediterranean looking and can be used all seasons, but look great with the Christmas fabric.


The mats consist of the top, batting and backing.  So to keep it all together, after turning the layers inside out, I sewed 3 evenly spaced lines around it to hold everything together, which is an idea I got from Svetlana (thanks!).


The fabrics are pretty.  I love that cute deer!


Here are the placemats all tied with a ribbon and ready to be put in a gift bag with her new dishes.

And I finished up my November Beejeebers block last night.


This block is called Cherie’s Carpenter Star and it’s made of a jillion hsts.  A few months ago this block would have reduced me to tears, but I’m happy to say that this one turned out A-okay and is exactly the right size, a first for me!  The bee mama asked for bright colors, so I hope orange and teal fit the bill.

I’m also getting ready to bind another baby quilt. This has got to be my fifth log cabin jungle animal-themed quilt.  I guess I will never tire of making log cabin quilts.  I just love picking the fabrics and chain sewing the blocks together.  It’s so easy, fast, and fun!


Hope everyone had a relaxing and fun Thanksgiving.  I’m officially done all my Christmas shopping (a few days before Thanksgiving even) and now I’m ready to sit back and enjoy the next couple weeks, hopefully making a few things from the book Pretty in Patchwork Holidays.  Come back on December 3rd—I’m giving away a copy of the book and a fat quarter bundle of Christmas fabric!

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  1. You're done with Christmas shopping? Oh my goodness. That's amazing!

  2. Beautiful place mats and your baby quilt looks adorable too!

  3. Lovely placemats! That's been on my list for a while! Thanks for linking up!

  4. The placemats are so pretty! You did a great job on the Carpenter's Star block! Isn't it wonderful being done with all your Christmas shopping! Now I just have to get all the wrapping done!


  5. I'm so happy to see your beautiful placemats because I need to make table runners and was planning on simply sewing charm squares together. And now I know that's what I'm going to do because yours look great! :-)

  6. They turned out great Jamie! I really like them,and they do go well with the dishes too :) Wow! That block is awesome,I bet the queen bee loves it too ;) Kudos to you on finishing the shopping!

  7. Seriously, don't we have the same number of kids? How are you so prolific, girl!?!!

  8. That´s a lovely idea for a Christmas present, such pretty fabrics! The carpenter´s star is one of my favourite patterns, imagine a whole quilt with it. If I just had the time... But wait -mor eimportant- you are done with your Christmas shopping? May I say that I envy you? :)

  9. All your projects look great! And I'm so jealous you're already finished for Christmas! :) I'm still plugging away at my sewing... Have a great holiday season

  10. Those are great! I like that little deer print too!

  11. We did the raffle today and 2 lucky ladies received a quilt from our MOPS group. One of our ladies on the board actually won first,but she let another person have it because she felt it wasn't fair since she was picking tickets. We were trying to get her to take a quilt,but she wouldn't budge:/ Ack! Thank you once again for joining in and your money will go to REAL good use for our group!!

    LOVE the plates and the place mats look like a lot of good fun!!


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