Thursday, October 25, 2012

TNT Tula Pink Edition

The first installment of the Tula Pink Sew Along is complete!


This quilt top is based on a pattern from the December/January 2011 edition of Quilt magazine.   It measures 68” x 84” and is made from mostly Tula Pink fabrics including Full Moon Forest, Birds and the Bees, Nightshade, and Prince Charming.  There are also a couple of AMH, Amy Butler, and Denyse Schmidt fabrics and some random charms collected from a few swaps.  If you ever have the chance to join a charm swap, you should do it!  It sure is nice to have some choices when you are picking out fabrics for a scrappy quilt. 


This quilt top qualifies for “trying new things” for a few reasons:

  • the pattern is from a magazine
  • this scrappy quilt looks pretty good and isn’t made from all one fabric line or designer
  • I used Tula Pink fabric
  • I made it in time to be part of a sew along
  • and I’m seriously considering having it long-arm quilted

The last one is a big one for me.  Have you ever had anything quilted for you?  A few months ago I would have pooh-poohed sending it out, but I have realized I like piecing a quilt, but rarely quilting it.


This is the “first installment” because I have bought two—yes two!—Tula Pink patterns.  One is a huge zig-zag quilt and the other is called Snowglobes.  I am not joking when I say I am going to make both of them by the end of the Sew Along!  Are you entering anything in the Sew Along?


  1. It looks beautiful Jamie! I've wanted to try getting mine quilted by someone else too- Ilove the sewing but am way to slow with the quilting! My problemis the $$$ It costs quite a bit to get them quilted here. But I did hear at guild that someone rents their long arm- I'm going to look into that. Good for you trying new things :)

  2. Hi Jamie! Yay another great finish, go you!
    I sent the girls quilts that I made them last year out for long arm quilting and I LOVED the result! it cost me nearly $150au all up but I was not sorry because like you I'm not super fond of quilting & the result was my h better than I could do anyway. Despite having to send them interstate I had them back within 10 days as well. I'll definitely do it again for the right quilt. but because of the cost it will have to be a special one...

  3. I've got an international rainbow charm swap running at the end of this year. Details in the sidebar of my blog

  4. That looks great Jamie! I like all the fabrics together!

  5. You made it,go you! Love the quilt and all of the firsts for you in the making of it :) Lately I have been debating having my knotted squares quilted by a long armer,the only thing holding me back is the cost.

  6. I´m amazed how calm -in the best meaning- this quilttop looks. Tula Pink fabric is brilliant with all it´s graphic details but at the same time the look is sometimes too busy for my taste. Your quilt is homogeneous despite all the different fabrics- that´s so cool! P.S. If I had a longarm quilter anywhere near I´d never quilt anything myself. :)


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