Monday, October 29, 2012

Costumes and Quilts


My oldest wanted to be a “Goth Fairy” for Halloween.  Luckily her two casts go perfectly with her black outfit.  She picked out the wings and fabric.  I sewed the skirt.


Here’s a little witch on a bike.  She won 2nd place at a fall festival’s costume party!  She was thrilled to pieces.


And the littlest munchkin was just thrilled to be outside in her pajamas!


I practiced a lot of fmq this weekend.  Some is okay, some not so okay, but overall I am happy with the results.  It was fun to try something new besides squiggles.  I don’t know if I could ever get “good” at fmq though.  I find it very difficult and tedious.  I did a lot of seam ripping, too.


This quilt will be living at our house, though, so I’m not too worried about it.  I am making all three girls identical quilts to gift to them during Advent.  I backed this one with flannel so I think I will use different flannel for each so the girls can tell them apart.


I love the cheater panel in the middle of the quilt.  It was designed by Sheri Berri a few years ago.  I just had to have it!


I also got a quilt top finished today during the big hurricane/storm that is coming through Maryland today.  I kept praying the electricity wouldn’t go out so I could keep sewing!


This quilt is for a little boy who is three.  I haven’t decided how to quilt it yet.  I am thinking just squiggles this time, or vertical straight lines.  What do you think?

I hope everyone is staying out of harm’s way and is safe tonight.


  1. We're safe and sound, and still have power! Your little quilts are adorable, but not as adorable as the little recipients! Happy Halloween.

  2. What a bunch of little cuties you have :) It looks like everyone was enjoying the good weather while it was around. Your FMQ looks good to me. You know the saying "we are our own worst own critic".

    What size are the blocks for the little boy quilt? Maybe you could try one of the designs from the walking foot series. Like the stairs maybe,I am thinking of trying that one on my Christmas Granny quilt.

  3. The quilts are nice, your FMQ is better then I have ever done. Like you I do find it difficult and tedious, but I cannot afford to keep sending my out, so I will keep trying.

  4. Very happy to hear that you are safe and sound up there:)

    Maybe do some wavy organic lines through out.

    Sweet girls,their costumes are darling!

    Love your FMQ on that Christmas quilt. It is tedious,but can become fun with time:)

  5. Hope you did okay with the storm! We lost power for a bit here in Pittsburgh, and there is some flooding, but we are otherwise fine.

  6. Jamie I hope y'all made it ok through the storm? Your girls are so cute. Love the costumes oh WOW and the quilting is GREAT.

  7. Jamie, the girls are so adorable in their costumes, and your FMQ looks fantastic! Those lollipops must take forever, don't they? Glad to hear you were safe from the storm.

  8. Very nice! I love your Polaroid quilt!!


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