Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trying New Things—the doll edition

The girls got an American Doll knock-off last weekend, and I made my first foray into the world of making doll clothes.  I feel like I’m learning this sewing thing all backwards…I should have followed the natural progression of sewing by making doll clothes as a kid and moving up to eventually making quilts and more complex things.  Instead, I am a thirty-five year old making doll clothes!

It’s been a real learning curve for me.  Amazingly, none of it was much of a challenge though.  Maybe my quilting experience paid off.  I just drew out a shirt pattern and it worked!


I did make one silly mistake.  I finished the seams on both the back parts of the first shirt exactly the same, so on one side they are on the side that shows.  Nothing new there!  I make mistakes like that all the time even when I’m following a pattern.


I attached the first shirt in the back with velcro.  The second one I made out of an old t-shirt.  This was my first time sewing with knits.  On one hand it was a success because it did come out looking like a shirt.  But on the other hand, I need to learn how to sew knits without getting the fabric snagged down under my throat plate a hundred times.


On this second attempt, I even made a little matching trim for the bottom of the skirt out of leftover t-shirt material. 


I never really understood the allure of making doll clothes until now.  The dress she came with is made of the same substance as gauze—I’m sure it wouldn’t survive the washing machine and the velcro would never hold up to my kids’ handling.  So I’m proud to say that while not perfect, both these outfits will last.

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  1. I love making doll clothes! You need to check out Patty Young's patterns and also Liberty Jane. They have great patterns.

  2. Hey your girls will love them:) Great first attempt I think!

  3. Super cute! I started sewing when I was little with doll clothes. They are sure fun to make. They also make all kinds of patterns for them that would be fun to use.

  4. Oh these turned out so cute! I really do love the one with the trim. One really good thing about making doll clothes is kids are so happy with them, they don't care if they are made "correctly" or not. I'm the same way; sewing my seams on the wrong side! I just did that last night on a purse because I didn't understand the directions. My daughter said, she likes seams on the outside it makes them cute. I haven't sewn knits in years - so I don't know much about them. Except you are suppose to use a different needle - maybe universal? Maybe I should look that up on google.

  5. Jamie Lee your doll cloths came out adorable. You did a great job.

  6. oh, how cute! They look so stylish in their new outfits!

  7. These are so adorable!!! I have had patterns for about 3 years to make clothes for these dolls as well but have never gotten around to actually trying them :)

  8. Very cute! I loved to sew doll cloths as a kid by hand (for tiny little dollhouse dolls) I expect it to be very rewarding- you make the kids happy and as the clothes are small, you can use up left over fabrics in a nice way.


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