Friday, August 24, 2012

A good day


At about 1:30am yesterday morning Bea and her dad got back from a father-daughter vacation to San Francisco and Santa Barbara.  This is my favorite photo from their trip.


And today was also Bea’s first day of first grade!  It was a bittersweet moment, and I can’t wait to see her when she gets home from school.

But, only having two kids with me this morning allowed me to get the binding sewn on my newest quilt.  It is in the dryer right now.


Have a fantastic weekend!!!


  1. Lovely quilt! My oldest just started first grade this past Tuesday. I miss her, but I know she is having fun. :) it is bittersweet. -April @Little Mama Hen

  2. yay! Bea and dad back at home! and she looks so "grown up" getting on her school bus. Love your log cabin quilt, it's just beautiful!

  3. Such a big girl! Amazing that she already gets there by bus on her own on the first day!
    Here school always starts on a Monday in September.

  4. Great quilt and love the pictures. My granddaughter is starting 1st grade in about a week. They grow so fast :)

  5. It's always bittersweet to send the little ones on their way. They grow up so quickly! Beautiful quilt - love all the pink!!


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