Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scrappy Log Cabin Trivets

What is your favorite quilt block?  For certain mine is the log cabin.  Stars are a close second.


I made these trivets for our dining room table.  They are so bright and cheerful and a perfect accompaniment to summertime dishes like Caprese salad.


They were first inspired by a fat quarter bundle of veggie fabric I bought on Etsy.  I love fresh produce and the way the veggies are so modern yet classic.


I also experimented a little with these small quilting projects.  First, I tried spray basting for the first time.  The trivet on the left, which is significantly larger and less wonky was spray basted.  I just pin basted the one on the right.  You can see the spray basted one shifted around a whole lot less, so when I squared it up, it finished at 8 1/2” square instead of 8” like the pin basted one, which needed a lot trimmed off to make it square again.


I also tried some free motion curves on the trivet on the far right.  I left the feed dogs up and I think my quilting was a little better.  Maybe.  Maybe not!

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  1. My favourite is log cabin as well. Your trivets are very pretty.

  2. scrappy log cabin are fun to make. Love your color choices!

  3. What great trivets. Yep log cabin is my favorite too, and the fabrics you used are just wonderful to brighten up a table! Love the free motion curved quilting, it looks great.

  4. I love those they are so much fun...


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