Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Red, White, Blue & Really Old

I made my mom a quilt.  In 2009.  And I’m just finishing it.


I got this great idea to make a rag quilt out of denim.  I’m not sure where I got the idea, because this was way before I even read blogs or Pinterest was around.  I cut a lot of the blocks myself, but I bought a lot on Ebay, too.  Then I picked out these two bandana flannel prints from Joanns and “designed” a cool back for it.


It has a blue border all the way around.  My mom’s favorite color is blue, and she is a dog-lover, so I wanted to make it something she’d like that would be sturdy and soft, too.  I made all the little sandwiched squares first by quilting an X on them, then joining them all together. 


The reason this quilt isn’t finished is the jeans frayed and frayed.  I clipped them all (just so tedious) and then after taking it out of the dryer, it was apparent it needed to be trimmed.  I plan to put it in the washer and dryer again to see if it looks better after removing all the denim frays.  Any suggestions?

Hope everyone is enjoying their Fourth of July!


  1. Wow, your mom will love this quilt! I sure love the colors and think it would be the perfect quilt for outdoor activities like picknicks or the beach. Too bad that my little sewing machine is probably not strong enough for denim.
    Have you tried to use pinking shears to trim? Maybe this could stop the fraying a little.

    (It´s so so hot here,too. It was 37°C/99°F yesterday and today still 95°F. I wish I could spend more time at the water, imagine to wear pantsuits or at least blazers at work! ;-) ...but the lakes are refreshing with about 70°F)

  2. Neat quilt! I think you'll just have to keep clipping for a bit, maybe pinking shears would help as suggested.


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