Friday, January 13, 2012

Block updates

Well, the stomach bug took me by storm.  I always welcome it because I know I’ll get it at least once in the winter and might as well get it over with, and it guarantees a few pounds easy weight loss that I don’t have to work for!

Earlier this week I finished up my first UFO for the new year—the Charmed Prints quilt—but  I haven’t had a chance to photograph it.  I have a hard time getting pictures taken with the kids outside.  Our holly trees have dropped a billion berries on the ground and Veronica is as fast as lightening trying to eat them.  I did snap a photo of all the Farmer’s Wife blocks I have finished so far:


I had to take the photo on our bed because as I was laying them out, Ronnie would pick one up in each hand and high-tail it out of the bedroom, so I had to put them somewhere she couldn’t reach.  (Yes, I have cat flannel sheets and they are super soft and comfy!!!)

I also received my first block in the mail for Beejeebers.  Lindsay from For the Love of Cotton sent me this adorable sock monkey in his house block


and an amazingly generous pile of “scraps” for the wonky log cabin blocks.  I hesitate to call them scraps because there are some really big pieces and some beautiful charms!!!  Thank you so much, Lindsay!!!

On a personal note, Bea turned 6 on Wednesday.  It is hard to believe my baby is already six years old!  (And has already lost 2 baby teeth!)


My sister sent her some Shrinky Dinks for her birthday, which she absolutely loved.


Have a great weekend!!!


  1. 6 is so old! Hope you're feeling better :)

  2. I hope you're all better now! Happy Birthday Bea.

  3. Jamie, your blocks look fantastic. I love Bea's toothless grin. So adorable.

  4. Awe..There's nothing cuter than a kid with missing teeth! Happy Birthday Bea. (My baby turned 16, Wow! Is that strange. I ask myself how did that happen? But seeing the grow and become more independent is so fun.) Your FW is turning out pretty. And the Monkey in the house is adorable!

  5. Happy birthday Bea!!! (= Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Bea!) Jamie, your FW blocks are so neat! The image of Veronica trying to sneak your blocks made me smile. (Here the birds usually eat all the berries in the holly bush as soon as they are frozen.)

  6. Guess who just finished your quilt block!! This girl right here! Ok. So maybe it's not quite finished. I still have to square it up but I need a 12.5 inch ruler, so I am going to Jo-Ann's tomorrow to get one, but it's all finished! I decided to make you a log cabin since everyone else is making you the other blocks. Can't wait to show you! I like it. Almost kept it! :)

  7. I like those Farmers Wife's blocks! Happy birthday, Bea.



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