Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farmer’s Wife Challenge Update

I took apart the two Basketweave blocks I put together wrong and stitched them back while actually looking at the pattern, which helped immensely!!!


Since I had already squared up the blocks, when I sewed them together, they didn’t come out quite square, but close enough. 

I plan to mail the 6 1/2 inch block to one of the Farmer’s Wife FUN Challenge participants as just an extra, not part of the actual swap since it’s not quite perfect.  I will be using the large 12 1/2 inch block for a civil war repro quilt I am making for my brother-in-law.  Here it is with the two most recent blocks I received from my partner in the Block Swap Adventure. 


I am taking a break from the Block Swap Adventure this year.  It was fun, but I am part of a bee in 2012 and plan to do two quilt alongs this spring which will take up a lot of my free time.

So, onto the actual blocks I made for the FUN Challenge.  I started with this block first.  It was my first block using a template (as opposed to rotary cutting which was in my comfort zone), and it turned out great.  I always make a block for myself before I make one for someone else, just to get my bearings because I want the other person’s block to turn out better.  I was happy with this, so I went ahead and made 2 more.  (Notice anything yet???)


Here they are in all their not-put-together-right glory:


Yes, after not following the Basketweave pattern correctly, I went ahead and made THREE MORE BLOCKS without doublechecking the layout.  This block is called Seasons.  I finally cut into a friend’s beautiful fabric and made a block that doesn’t actually exist in the Farmer’s Wife Sampler!  Luckily I have made a new block with a different fabric combo that is done correctly. 

So, I finally got myself organized and was able to get two blocks done correctly for the FUN Challenge:


Here is a close up of the fabrics and the colors are pretty true on my monitor:


I will be mailing this one out to one of the FUN Challenge participants. 


  1. Jamie, you persevered and finished the blocks! I'm so impressed. I would have just packed the book and not touch this block for a while. Way to go! I really like your fabric combination, that blue and red are so pretty together. Happy New Year to you and your!

  2. Jamie, I wouldn´t call it wrong - I would say you came up with your own design! I truely like your x-blocks. Maybe you want to make sth out of it! I imagine it to look nice in a quilt just out of these blocks.
    (btw I personally like your first version of the basket-weave block a bit better-correct or not- for the mentioned reason)

  3. Oh...and as the fireworks start already (it´s only past 7p.m.) I want to wish you and your family the best for 2012!


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