Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Farmer’s Wife #4 Basketweave Block

One of the members of the Farmer’s Wife Yahoo Group posted a photo of her #4 Basketweave block on her blog and commented that she thought it looked somewhat Swastika-like.  I decided to make the block just to experiment with the color placement. 

I am splitting the construction of the blocks for the FWS with a partner with whom I swapped fabric, and she is making the basketweave, so I decided to make one that measures 12.5” and then one that measures 6.5” to put in the Farmer’s Wife Holiday Challenge.  The larger block I will include in quilt for my brother-in-law; the smaller block will be exchanged in the holiday challenge swap.

This is the layout with the darker colors in the center:


Ultimately I chose to put the darker color in the outmost position.  My two blocks turned out like this:


And then, ha ha!, when I finally uploaded the photo I realized I  made the blocks wrong.  So, I’ll be getting my seam ripper out and fixing the placement of the quarters and see how it looks.

I enjoyed making those blocks so much that I got busy and made a whole bunch more.  I finally took the plunge and made a few blocks that require using templates and I had so much fun putting them together.


  1. Oh no! I need to get started on my blocks. Tell me more about the Farmer's Wife Holiday Challenge!

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  3. Sorry I misspelled sth. New try ;-)
    I do think that the basketweave block can look like a swastika (yours don´t! and I don´t see why they should be wrong?). The trick seems to be not to place two darker fabrics of the same value in the center and on the outmost position. If the fabrics of the center and of the outmost position don´t have the same value the swastika-effect won´t happen. I have seen swastika -like basketweave blocks on several other blogs and wondered if people didn´t see it themselves or if I was simply more concerned about it, being from Austria and growing up with "never forget!"

  4. I'm impressed that you are making the farmer's wife blocks.... go you! Thanks for answering my question on the Swap Blog. I get so overwhelmed sometimes!!

  5. Oh my dear I have done that too. That is my least favorite thing to do is rip. I truely like the way your blocks turned out. Love the fabrics you used.


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